The Royal Wedding

WOW! What a day! They are hitched! It is official. William and Kate are married! They are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. He also keeps his title as Prince William of Wales and she becomes Princess William of Wales. Yup! William! Click HERE for the official Royal Wedding Site.

Miss the ceremony? Click HERE to see it.


William and Kate wrote their own prayer:

 "God our Father, we thank you for our families; for the love that we share and for the joy of our marriage.

"In the business of each day keep our eyes fixed on what is real and important in life and help us to be generous with our time and love and energy.

"Strengthened by our union, help us to serve and comfort those who suffer. We ask this in the spirit of Jesus Christ. Amen."

Clint and Anna from the Mix Morning Show are getting all dressed up as Her Royal Majesty, The Queen and Prince Phillip for the festivities tomorrow!

Kim does not want to upstage the Kate Middleton, but could not resist dressing up as "The Princess Bride."


What is your Royal Wedding Guest name?

1.)Start with either "Lord" or "Lady"

2.)Your first name is the name of one of your grandparents

3.) Your surname is the name of one of your first pets, hyphenated with the name of the street you grew  up on.

                                   You could be Lady Trixie Puffball-Elm!


 How many Americans will watch William and Kate? More than two billion viewers are expected to tune in worldwide, it’s the biggest TV event in more than three decades.  Will you watch?  For Americans who want to see all of the action live, you’ll have to set your alarm clocks. For others who are interested, but not so much as to rise with the early birds, there are plenty of recap shows that air later that evening.

Here’s the complete list of TV coverage in the United States of the Royal Wedding on Friday, April 29th. 

Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters are leading the Royal Wedding charge for ABC. Live coverage from London begins at 4 am/3c. The hoopla continues into the evening with special editions of ABC World News, 20/20 and Nightline.

Katie Couric represents CBS at the Royal Wedding, with live coverage beginning at 5 am/4c. Later that evening, she hosts a one-hour special called The Royal Wedding: Modern Majesty.

Brits Piers Morgan and Cat Deeley from So You Think You Can Dance host CNN’s coverage of the Royal Wedding, and it all begins at 4 am/3c. Anderson Cooper, Richard Quest and Kiran Chetry are also on hand for additional commentary.

Guiliana Rancic kicks things off bright and early at 4 am/3c for E! Ryan Seacrest from American Idol takes over at 9/8c with a Royal Wedding recap. This will be followed by Rancic and friends weighing in on wedding fashions on Fashion Police, which airs at 10/9c.

FOX News
Shepard Smith and Martha MacCallum report live from Buckingham Palace, while FOX & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson reports from Westminster Abbey. TV coverage begins at 4 am/3c.

MSNBC begins live coverage from London earlier than any other American network. It all starts at 3 am/2c with Martin Bashir and Chris Jansing. The Morning Joe crew joins them at 5 am/4c.

Brian Williams and the entire Today Show team broadcast live from Westminster Abbey, followed by the procession to Buckingham Palace. Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and Al Roker will commentate throughout the entire Royal Wedding. TV coverage begins at 4 am/3c. Ann Curry hosts a two-hour Royal Wedding recap for Dateline, which airs at 9/8c that evening.

Funny lady Kathy Griffin hosts Kathy Griffin’s Insightful and Hilarious Take on the Royal Wedding. It pomp and circumstance isn’t your cup of tea, be sure to check out this comedy special for a lighter look at the biggest TV event in decades.

But Wait, there's More Fun Stuff about the Royal Couple!

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