Mike Lindsey

Please welcome Mike Lindsey to Mix 92.9! You can hear him on the air from 7 pm to Midnight Sunday through Thursday nights. Feel free to call him at 737-0929. Mike and his wife Sharon have five children and live in Sumner County. Sharon is a successful Pastry Chef serving the greater Nashville area!

Mike Lindsey is on, Facebook of course. Every night you will find him having fun on the Mix 92.9 Facebook page!

Want to know more about our Mike?
He played radio DJ as a kid, never imagining he would grow up to actually be one and enjoy a career spanning more than twenty years. Mike attended Columbia School of Broadcasting in Atlanta, while working as a dairy hand on a farm 45 miles south of the big city. He landed his first Radio gig just 3 months before the birth of his first child, and one year after marrying his beautiful bride, Sharon. Mike was only 19 at the time.
In his career Mike has worked for a few legendary stations, Fox 97 of Atlanta being one of them. He is very pleased to be with you evenings on Mix 92.9. Coming to Nashville has given him the opportunity to purchase a small farm in Portland for his wife and 4 younger kids, with the promise that there will be NO COWS!

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