Jay Phelps

Jay’s been on the airwaves most of his life. Really. His Mom used to chauffer him to and from his first radio job since he wasn’t old enough for a driver’s license yet! Once his voice changed, he went to college, where he briefly held a “real job.” The fast food industry was not amused when kept forgetting to put the meat patties into the hamburger buns. He wisely returned to talking for a living.
Moving to Nashville 20-some years ago, Jay promptly fell in love with the area. In fact, his first job in town was right here at 92.9! As you might expect, he considers Mix92.9 his home.
In his free time, Jay loves watching those cheesy old horror movies where you see the zipper on the back of the monster’s suit, dining out, getting lost reading on the Internet, hanging out with friends, and not Tweeting. He and his better half are proud parents of a spoiled calico cat, Ginger, who staunchly refuses to recognize his voice on the radio.

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