Monday April 8, 2013

Spring Hill Mourns Loss of 10 Year Old
A very sad update to our story about 10 yr old Halle Henderson who suffered flu complications resulting in the need for a heart transplant.  The town of Spring Hill wore red ribbons along with prayer supporters from around the world. We join them  to mourn  this little girl who lost her fight for life Friday.  Flu is still in circulation in middle, TN so be on the lookout for critical or worsening signs for anyone ill in your family. 

Franklin Car Break-ins On The Rise
A rash of car break ins  over the last two wks at Franklin apartment complexes and subdivisions are the source of a major investigation.  What can YOU do to avoid being a victim no matter where you are?  Lock your vehicle – and always take valuables with you.

Mandatory Breathalizers To Nashville DUI Offenders?
A plan to toughen drunk driving laws faces a key vote today by the state senate, deciding whether to require ignition interlock devices for all DUI offenders, which would prevent a car from starting till the driver blows into the device and registers sober.

Sheep Mow Lawns in France
If state and local govts really want to save money while being GREEN, we could follow the latest example of Paris, France who  imported 4 sheep to replace lawn mowers for municipal lawns.  They aren’t subject to the strict 35 hour work week…they’re ecological, cheap…plus, they’re so cute said the city farm director.

Suicide Prevention Help in Middle TN
Pastor Rick Warren, author of Purpose Driven  Life lost his 27 yr old son Matthew to suicide over the weekend after a long struggle with depression.  The family said they’d enjoyed a fun family evening from which Matthew returned  home and took his  life in a “momentary wave of despair”.  If someone you love is suffering depression,  registration is currently available for  a Suicide Prevention Symposium  May 9th in Nashville. has info and 24hr hotline numbers.

Meth Bust in Sumner County
Three people have been taken into custody after a meth lab bust near Portland, TN this wknd.  Sumner County Sheriff’s department said they were called to the scene where they found a meth lab in an abandoned house on Shaub Rd.  Neighbors say they’d seen the men arrested hanging around the neighborhood for awhile. 

Veterans In Mid-TN Might Face Changes
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is considering consolidating intensive care and psychiatric services between its Nashville and Murfreesboro hospitals, instead of offering both services at both locations, which might mean patients who live in Mboro would have to go to Nashville for long hospital stays, and Nashville vets would have to go to Mboro for psychiatric care.  This is part of a system wide proposal to cut costs at veterans facilities.

5th Avenue To Become 2-way?
The city meets today to discuss changing part of 5th Avenue to a two-way street between Union and Church in a mass transit upgrade.  But area businesses are worried about the walkability problems that might create.

ZERO-TV Generation Raise Challenges
There’s a new generation of folks that broadcasters are losing.  They are called the ZERO TV or CORD-never generation.  Meeting this week to discuss folks who have abandoned remotes for smart phones and computers, the National Association of broadcasters is looking into new ways of using this new platform of delivery realizing it’s impact already.  

Evil Dead Tops Box Office
The scary horrific Evil Dead came in first at the box office this wknd grossing 26 million, followed by The Croods and GI Joe:  Retaliation in a tie with 21 million…then Jurassic Park 3-D at 18.2 million in 4th place.

Autism Events In Middle TN
April is Autism Awareness month and  The Autism  Society has a lot of events going on including a Benefit  tomorrow night at the Bluebird café called Breaking the Chains.  From 6-9 – two shows featuring writers like Wood Newton, Jerry Salley, and Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Brothers.  For more events and programs you can check