Monday, April 7, 2014


Searchers in the Indian Ocean have picked up their "most promising" lead yet trying to find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. A pinger locator in the Indian Ocean has detected signals that sound like those sent by a flight data recorder. The sounds were heard in a part of the ocean that's about 14,800 feet deep, but it will take several more days to confirm the source.


Big night for college basketball. Kentucky and UConn, the unexpected teams in tonight's Men's NCAA National Champship game, being held in Arlington, Texas. The Wildcats entered the year as the preseason No. 1 thanks to one of the best recruiting classes ever assembled. The pregame show begins tonight on CBS @ 7:30.

The NCAA Women's Final Four tournamanet, which kicked off here in Nashville Sunday, may end up bringing $20 million dollars to the Music City. Sports fans have packed restaurants, bars, and hotels downtown.


John Peltier, better known as the "Green Hills Rapist" gets a parole hearing today. He was sentenced to five life sentences in 1989 for stalking and raping eight women inside their homes in the Green Hills neighborhood. His first request for parole was denied in 2008.


If you were an 80's kid, you know the cult classic "The Goonies." The original film's director Richard Donner has confirmed that a sequel is in the works. Donner told "TMZ" he plans to include as much of the original cast as possible. There's no word on whether the story will pick up with the same characters after nearly three decades.


The heavyweight comedian John Pinette died of natural causes over the weekend. A frequent guest here on the Mix Morning show, the 50-year-old performer appeared in the infamous final episode of "Seinfeld." Movie legend Mickey Rooney has passed away at age 93. Winner of two Oscars, Golden Globes and an Emmy, Rooney was the Brad Pitt of his day, #1 at the box office in the late 1930s--ask your great-grandma about how big he was back then. Actually, he wasn't that big size-wise, only 5'3", but he loved to get married--eight times all together! More recently, he played night watchman Gus in 2006's "Night at the Museum."


Tennesseans who rely on tourism are upset about Governor Haslam's budget for the next fiscal year. It calls for slashing the Department of Tourist Development's adversing budget by half. Businessmen leaders in East Tennesse are especially concerned, coming off a record year in 2013. More than 50 million visitors come to our state each year. The state Senate will review the proposed cut this week.


I know we'vew all done this at least once: stopped the car and thought we'd put it in park, just to panic when we notice we're still moving. You can see this in action in a surveillance cam video from a Columbia .It shows a Fedex driver chasing his truck down the street. The vehicle almost slams into a house and several trees before stopping at a fence. Fedex is investigating the matter.


North Carolina man Larry Clinton is a HUGE fan of Duke's Mayonnaise. He so adores the condement that he jokes about having his ashes laid to rest in one of their jars. Larry's dream will be coming true. His daughter contacted the Duke's mayo company and asked if they'd make a personalized jar for dad. They said yes and sent over two custom jars with labels featuring Clinton's full name added to the standard Duke's design.   


The Senate is expected to pass an extension of longterm unemployment benefits today. But, the bipartisan measure faces a rocky road in the House. The Senate bill extends longterm jobless aid for more than two-million Americans for several months. Longterm benefits expired way back in December.