Friday March 29, 2013


Two children are safe this morning after the car they were in was stolen from a Metro Bus station. They were found near Bicentennial Mall around 6:50. Police briefly shut down a section of Broadway searching for the vehicle. The kids were 1 and 3 years old. The person who stole the car fled on foot and has not been found.


Thousands of patients treated over the years by an Okalahoma dentist are being told to be tested for HIV and hepatitis after officials found the dentist's instruments weren't being properly cleaned. They aren't sure how long the problem has been going on. Health inspectors became involved after someone with no other risk factors tested positive for both diseases.


It's the largest songwriters' festival in the world kicks off next week in Nashville. The 21st Annual Tin Pan South Music Festival starts April 2nd with dozens of shows at some of the best music venues in town. Proceeds benefit the Nashville Songwriters Association.


Another guy went home on American Idol last night. Devin Velez was shown the door. He'd been in danger every week of the finals. This leaves just two guys in the Top Seven. It was obvious none of the girls were going home this week, especially after And you just knew it wouldn't be a girl this week -- especially Kree Harrison's version of Don't Play That Song for Me got a thumbs-up from Aretha Franklin herself.


North Korea made more threats today, saying that their rocket forces were ready "to settle accounts with the U.S.," This comes after U.S. nuclear-capable B-2 bombers joined in military drills with South Korea. Officials worry about the prospect of North Korea firing on South Korea, drawing them -- and the U.S. -- into a cross-border conflict.


A new "no knock" law goes into effect Monday here in Nashville to cut down on people going door-to-door selling stuff. Under the law, the clerk's office will now perform background checks on anyone applying for a permit to sell on the streets, and they'll be issued ID cards. Plus, residents can fill out forms online to be on the "no knock list."


A Rhode Island woman won't have to pay for her foul-mouthed bird. Police have dropped a citation against Lynn Taylor, whose cockatoo reportedly used profanity directed at her neighbor. Police gave Taylor a 15-dollar citation last year after the neighbor's repeated complaints. Taylor decided to fight the fine and took her case to the Providence Superior Court. Authorities say they dropped the charge because it would be a waste of city resources.


The Center for Science in the Public Interest is coming down on the kiddie menus offered by most restaurant chains, saying they have too many calories, salt, fat, and hardly any fruits or vegetables. The group found that kids' meals failed to meet nutritional standards 97 percent of the time. They did, however, cite Subway restaurants kids meal combinations as exceptions to the salty, fatty norm.