Website Wednesdays

From Around The Internet...

By the middle of the week, you may need a break! Check here for some websites that may keep you entertained for a little while!  

This National Geographic site lets you submit YOUR photos. If chosen, they're posted online and made into memory games, puzzles and screen-savers. Also Play those games HERE.  says it has "all the jobs in the world" in one place. You can click on the country where you're looking for work, narrow it down to the city, and hundreds of jobs pop up. 

Before you take a cruise, check out this site! It's a complete online guide to cruises, including a place for you to search for the best deal, tips for first-time cruisers, and hidden charges to watch out for.

Photos and info about all the dogs at this week's Westminster Kennel Club dog show!

This photographer-mom uses everyday items to create the worlds she thinks her baby may be dreaming about, places the items around the baby, and takes amazing photos. 
See some of her work HERE

This Sunday is Superbowl Sunday. Whether you like football or not, you can have Fun, see the Commercials and try some new Recipes!

Nashville doesn't have enough wintery weather for drivers to get great at driving on snow and ice. Get expert tips here

Click HERE for Shortcutscom! An easy way to save at the grocery store. Electronic coupons load onto your participating store savings card. You can also print out coupons the old fashioned way

What's YOUR story? This easy-to-use site lets you write your own book, wedding album, cookbook or fundraising book. Add your pictures, and have it printed! Give them as gifts or sell them online. 

Get the reward code from the Disney DVDs you own, and use this site to play games, get rewards and discounts, and stream the Disney Movies you own, online.