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What did we do before "SELFIES"? - (Taking your own picture with your arm extended as far out as possible) For that matter, remember when we needed to have to wait a week for "film" to be "developed?"  How often do you take your own picture like that? Do you click and peek and click and peek and click and peek until you get it so perfect that it barely looks like you? Or do you hate them because there's no way to frame the shot or fit more than two, maybe three people in it?

Does the return of Sunday Night Football make you want to sing? You're not alone.

Nashville Beats Delaware 10-0 In LLWS Elimination Game
Zane Denton hit a grand slam to lead Nashville, Tenn., to a 10-0 win over Newark, Del., in an elimination game at the Little League World Series on Monday.  South Nashville’s next game is Thursday night, 7:00 on ESPN. 

Have you ever fallen asleep in the BATHTUB? Not just dosed off, but actually slept for hours in a tub filled with water. You might be amazed to know just how many people have done that. We don't recommend it. No drowning please!

Have you seen the woolly worms yet? What does it mean?

You really have to see this to get how funny it is! CLICK HERE.


True, he knew it was coming and he is getting a sweet deal. Jay Leno's last night on The Tonight Show will be February 6, 2014. However, his staff will be paid until the following September, which is the official end date of Jay's contract. By now, most people know that Jimmy Fallon will be replacing Jay on the Tonight Show. 


Jay Leno