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Yes indeed, it is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Do you watch? Do you know someone who does? Do you think the popularity of the Sci-fy movie, "Sharknado" will add to the popularity?

This bumper sticker certainly drives home the point, doesn't it? Truthfully, have you come close to wrecking because of Texting?


 Woo Hoo! THANK YOU for "liking" us on Facebook. What a blast! Just so you know, WE LIKE YOU TOO!!! A lot!

Looks like there may be another installment in the world of Beverly Hills Cop. Would you go see it? When last we left Axel Foley, he was escaping danger in an imaginary amusement park. What could they possibly come up with for a storyline this time?

Click HERE to see a photo of the loving couple.

High school sweethearts Les and Helen Brown, who were born on the same day on Dec. 31, 1918, died at age 94, within one day of each other.

Are you feeling BLUE about your kids going back to school? Or are you the first to admit that you can't wait to have them out from under foot? What song best describes how you feel about your kids going back to school?

If you are a fan of "Dancing With The Stars," here's the latest:

George? James? Albert? Charles? Philip? Will Kate and Will go traditional with the baby's name? Or rock the boat and go with a more modern name like Justin, or Spike? :) What is your choice?

 Want to meet the Royal Baby? CLICK HERE for a LIVE STREAM of the hospital entrance where he is expected to be introduced to the world.

At what age is it okay to leave your child overnight? Answer HERE.