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Glee, Dallas, Hot In Cleveland, Parks And Recreation are all going away. For a full list of cancels and keeps and mid-season sweeps go here.

 House of Cards fans might find the three new original shows Netflix has to offer of interest!  Find out if you think they are binge-worthy here.

We asked you on Facebook about the new version of "The Sound of Music" which will air on NBC this December starring Carrie Underwood. The response on Facebook was decidedly split. What do YOU think?

Your cellphone seems to always need recharging.
Here are some other battery-saving tips from Digital Trends that apply to any smartphone, and that shouldn’t affect regular usage much:
•Turn down the volume and screen brightness.
•Find the setting to reduce the time it takes for your screen to dim and turn off after use.
•Disable sound effects for typing.
•Keep your apps updated, so you always have the most power-optimized version.
•Keep the phone out of direct sunlight.

Want to find out about the invention that Clint described as "Skype with Benefits" for dogs! Click HERE.

Video chat with your dog AND FEED HIM A TREAT from anywhere in the world!

Balloons! Yup. She admitted in this month's O Magazine that the sound of a balloon popping sounds too much like gunfire. On Oprah's 40th Birthday, her staff gave everyone in the audience of her show a birthday balloon and she spent the whole show panicked about which balloon would pop first. What are YOU afraid of?

We all have a Go-to TV show, right? But it seems like forever since that cliffhanger, so WHEN is it coming back? CLICK HERE.

A couple in Georgia (about 4 hours from Nashville) has created a corn maze in the shape and design of Duck Dynasty star "Uncle Si." You can check it out here.


One Direction, Taylor Swift, Robin Thicke have all set new WORLD RECORDS! What are they? CLICK HERE.


The Mix Morning Show and the News 2 Morning Show are going head to head over predictions for this season's "Dancing With The Stars." Hear what they had to say, and tune in next week to see which Team you are supporting this season. Will it be:

Team Kim

Team Anna Marie

Ariel Castro, the man who pleaded guilty to kidnapping three women for a decade in Cleveland, has been found hanged in his cell. For more details, check out Anna's NEWS at the top and bottom of every hour between 6 and 8:30 a.m.

This 96-year-old man has become an overnight sensation because of the song he wrote about his late wife.

Click HERE for the whole story. (Get a tissue.)