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If you have a 7th grader or Kindergartner starting school next month, there are changes you need to know about, vaccine-wise! CLICK HERE to get the details from our News page.

Did you hear about the 17 year who started with a cell phone and kept trading up until he got a Porsche? WOW! Read all about him.

You are NOT going to believe this! Seriously? You will talk about this at work and HOPEFULLY with your family at home tonight…. A new study says 1 out of 4 people surveyed did NOT know we gained our Independence from England?! How is that possible?

Amy Adams as Janis Joplin. Hard to imagine the princess from "Enchantment"  playing the hard rocker? She's been signed to play the part  in a biopic.

Yes, call it the WIne Bra or the Beer Bra or the Iced Tea Bra if you prefer, but if you are so inclined, you can carry your beverage of choice in your underwear. We can't make this up. Click HERE to see how it works!

Voice Mail etiquette.  New Rule: You cannot leave a voice mail without SOME HINT as to why you are calling. Why should you have to call someone to find out why they were calling you in the first place?

American Idol Auditions are here in Nashville on Saturday. So why is everyone at the Bridgestone Arena now? They have to get a ticket so they can come back and stand in  line AGAIN!

Bon Jour! Today is Bastille Day. What's your favorite French thing? Fries? Toast? Pepe LePew?

An American Institution is changing it's name and Disco may never be the same! The YMCA is now officially "The Y." (This won't be nearly as much fun to sing.)

It's party time! Want to go on the MIX 92.9 PARTY CRUISE THIS SATURDAY NIGHT? Join us for NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA at 7:45, and keep 615- 737-0929 programmed into your phone, or CLICK HERE for tickets.

The 20 Worst Drinks in America!!! You NEED to look at this! YIKES!!!

If you have a birthday today, you share it with Kevin Bacon. He is 52 today. Originally, he HATED the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon idea But learned to embrace it and even named his charitable initiative, It's a social networking site intended to link people to charities and each other .