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Website Wednesday: FUN! It’s surprisingly addictive! A person’s photo pops up, you guess their age and hit “enter” then you see how far off you were, plus the average age others guessed!
Did you take advantage of Tax Free Weekend? What did you buy? CLICK HERE.
Kim's back from vacation. It's always so much fun visiting family, isn't it?  Kim's step-dad was so excited that she and her family came to one of his soft ball games last week. He takes his softball very seriously. But... there he was, bases loaded, 2 outs, his team is down by one and he is up to bat. Here comes the pitch...  SWING!.... CRACK.... the ball goes flying!...
What's hot on the Mix Flix Movie Review? What's new for the person who's never in the vacation photos, always taking them?
Today, you heard some funny ways to cool down, including Miracle Treat Day, 7:45 Game time prize was a gift card, and the workout that will kill you!                                                                                    
Today is Miracle Treat Day. Mix 92.9 and Dairy Queen invite you to stop by a Dairy Queen today and buy a Blizzard.
Bet you've had an Obli-cation and didn't know it. Are you paying to send your kid to a party college?

Could you spend 7 years in close quarters with your family? What did the Mosquito lady do that got her that nickname? And Bachelorette Ali broke Show Tradition last night, leaving one bachelor visibly shaken. 

As schools start again, are you ready to help with homework? Quiz yourself. What happens when Chihuly glass pieces break? And Tuesday is Nashville's Night Out against Crime. Try some fun quizzes and games you can play with your young children, to get you both ready for the new school year.

AMERICAN IDOL SHOCKERS! Ellen Degeneres quits, Kara DioGuardo is out. Who's in? Could you master the language Clint is trying to? And see what's new at the box office this weekend.

Here in Nashville, we call them "Gherms." (Hard G - Rhymes with Worms.) Are you a FAN? Or a Fanatic?  Have you ever gone to extremes to be near your favorite band? What are other terms for Fans?  Card-carrying member, devotee, disciple, enthusiast, deisel sniffers , hanger-on, booster, boyfriend, buff, bug, cat, follower, freak,  hound, junkie, and just plain nut.

Ready for Game Time? At 7:45 today, we'll be playing What’s That TV TUNE?    737-0929 – (Verizon Wireless #929)