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Did you know that Jewel was homeless when she was discovered? Have you ever heard her tell the story in her own words. CLICK HERE. Have you seen the VIRAL VIDEO of Jewel pretending to be someone else in a Karaoke bar? Have you seen this one about her self-described snaggletooth?

Did you see the HARVEST MOON last night? Gorgeous! Plus, have you ever tried to stand an egg on its end during the solstice?

The worst kept secret in Hollywood is out of the bag. The new American Idol Judges have been announced. Along with Randy Jackson, the new judges are Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. Take part in our poll HERE. Is "American Idol" over?

The yummiest comfort food ever is coming to Nashville in November, and could be coming right to your door! CLICK HERE to learn about the Grilled Cheese Sandwich Truck!

 Who was voted off "Dancing with the Stars" after one night? CLICK HERE to find out.

Can you cope without your "Soap?"  Soap Operas are disappearing by the handful! The latest were "As the World Turns" and "Guiding Light." Do you have a daytime drama that you can't live without? If it HAD to go away, how would you like to see it end?  Your THOUGHTS? Make sure you listen at 7:15 Wednesday morning.


Jennifer Grey, dancing with Derek Hough. Even though “Dirty Dancing” was more than 20 years ago, Grey has some understanding of what it will take to learn the dances. 

Rick Fox, dancing with Cheryl Burke.  The former NBA star and actor (“Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns”) should have a shot, though taller athletes have struggled.

What does YOUR boss have on his/her desk? Our boss has live frogs.

Celebrity Milking! Anna Marie will be milking cows at the TN State Fair.  Join her at the Livestock Arena at 6:30!

If your spouse says that dinner was delicious, do you tell him/her it was expired in the freezer 2 years ago?  

SPOILER ALERT: "America's Got Talent" Winner? CLICK HERE to see who won!

Book Lovers? Just when you think EVERY TYPE of on-line dating site exists…along comes one you didn’t expect. is a dating site that allows you to find people based on their BOOK TASTES! You can search by book title and find people whose profiles include that book - and most likely share your literary tastes! So if you search on Danielle Steele you’ll get the romantic type…and if you search on Steven King you’ll get a psycho?

Oprah’s last season started yesterday, with "the biggest giveaway ever!" Or was it? Would you rather have a week long trip to Austrailia, or a new car? 

Want to know what DVDS are coming out today?  "Letters to Juliet," "Prince of Persia," "Just Wright"  to name a few.

“Raspberry! I thought it was Strawberry!” Don't you hate when you bite into something, thinking it is something else?

Have you adopted a child through World Vision? Kim did this weekend. To meet her 5-year-old from Guatemala, Click HERE.

Ever mess with your kids head just for FUN?  Clint does. And one day, his kids are gonna get even!