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The Mix Morning Show and the News 2 Morning Show are going head to head over predictions for this season's "Dancing With The Stars." Hear what they had to say, and tune in next week to see which Team you are supporting this season. Will it be:

Team Kim

Team Anna Marie

Ariel Castro, the man who pleaded guilty to kidnapping three women for a decade in Cleveland, has been found hanged in his cell. For more details, check out Anna's NEWS at the top and bottom of every hour between 6 and 8:30 a.m.

This 96-year-old man has become an overnight sensation because of the song he wrote about his late wife.

Click HERE for the whole story. (Get a tissue.)

Yes indeed! Kim found 26 pillows in her linen closet! Here they are in the back of her car because Goodwill does not take pillows. So, they are going to a homeless shelter and several animal shelters! In case you are  ever wondering what to do with your old pillows!

It's Here! It's Here! After selling like wildfire with "Defiance," CJ Redwine has the second of her fantastic trilogy out TODAY! It can be downloaded to your Kindle right now and is available at a book store near you. Look for "Deception."

If you haven't read "Defiance" yet, read it first! It will make "Deception" even more exciting. Meanwhile, CJ (Clint's wife) is currently writing the thiird book of the trilogy right now!

"Billy Ray... Please come pick up your daughter."

That was one of the kinder tweets about Miley's performance on the Video Music Awards last night. And she didn't do much for Robin Thicke either. You can see it here, but watch at your own risk. R Rated.

There are so many fun fairs and festivals in Tennessee. This LINK will bring you to a page that spells everything out beautifully. Just scroll down when you link thru. And Have Fun!

Want to go to the movies this weekend? Check out what playing here. And make sure you hear Clint's review with the Mix Flix Movie Review at 8:12 every Friday morning on Mix 92.9.

What did we do before "SELFIES"? - (Taking your own picture with your arm extended as far out as possible) For that matter, remember when we needed to have to wait a week for "film" to be "developed?"  How often do you take your own picture like that? Do you click and peek and click and peek and click and peek until you get it so perfect that it barely looks like you? Or do you hate them because there's no way to frame the shot or fit more than two, maybe three people in it?

Does the return of Sunday Night Football make you want to sing? You're not alone.