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Zach and Johanna Redwine came to visit the studio today! Johanna had her first  moment of stardom!

Where is the best place to hide Christmas presents?  The attic? The garage? How about your neighbor's house?  What do you think?

Thanksgiving is here!   Food! Company! Cleaning! Shopping!  Are you exhausted already? Oprah has some ideas for getting thru the holidays stress-free. Is she dreaming? This might help!

Not that there's anything wrong with that... Anna had the opportunity to go to one of Nashville's fanciest restaurant's last night. What did she order? Chicken Livers. That's our girl!    

Have you adopted your Angels on the Air for the Salvation Army yet? Toby and his friends got five Angels today! 737-0929

Thanksgiving Week! Shopping for Food? Getting ready for company? Excited about Christmas Music? Black Friday Shopping?

Plus, Clint is back on the air with the Mix Morning Show and lots of stories from China!

Have you adopted your Angel On The Air yet? There's one just for you! 


Welcome Home Clint! He and his girls are headed for home. Johanna is now officially an American citizen!  Read about the Redwines last day in China!  They are flying from Ghuanzhou to Hong Kong to San Francisco to Chicago to Nashville! Also Johanna learned to stick her tongue out yesterday.

We bet Clint taught her that! He'll be back on the Mix Morning Show on Monday!

Can't Wait For Christmas Music? Click HERE for some Classic Christmas Hits!!
 WE HAVE VIDEO of Johanna! It will be posted later this morning. Check back here after 9:00 am.

They are headed home tomorrow! We'll have a lot more videos and photographs when Clint comes back on Monday!

DId you hear about Opryland Hotel's new technology? You know how no one can ever find their room because the hotel is so big, right?
ANGELS ON THE AIR starts today!  737-0929
Clint isn't the only member of the Mix Morning Show adopting. Meet Anna's new addition!   
Nashville will be back in the national spotlight this weekend. Click here for a sneak preview.
TIme to get a new best friend? It's all happening at the Zoo this weekend!