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If you own any DIsney DVDs, you will love today's Wednesday Website! Get points for every Disney movie you own or go see in the theater. Get details here.

Paula Abdul's new show starts tonight. Will you watch? A lot of people were outraged when Paula was cut from "American Idol" but will they be there for Paula now? What do YOU think?

What DVDs are out today? Maybe some of the worst in history! Click Here to find out.

The BALL dropped in TImes Square, but the Guitar got stuck in Music City! How was your new year's eve? More Times Square? Or more Music City?

What SEVEN WORDS best describe your year? For example, for us it might be "Mix is number one in Nashville. Yea!"

The Mix Morning Show looked back on the last year and remembered some of the celebrities that passed away this year.


It's the last week of 2010... Did you do what you planned? Is it too late now?

You know those newsy Christmas letters that people send out? Have you ever actually checked them for accuracy?

Congratulations to Trudie Dinkins of Gallatin! It's not often someone local wins the Publishers Clearinghouse!

Playboy king Hugh Hefner is marrying someone young enough to be his GREAT-GRANDAUGHTER!  Ewww? Or True love? Your thoughts?

Please remember our troops serving away from home during this holiday season. We are honored to have a reporter representing Mix 92.9 in Afghanistan to let the troops send messages back home to their families here in Middle Tennessee. Thank you to all the military families who are sacrificing time with their loved one. God Bless You All!

Click HERE to hear "Bring Him Home, Santa"

What are the EASIEST Christmas cookies to make? Do you have a recipe you want to share?

Doctors are now recommending that kids who go sledding should wear helmets.  Good idea? Or enough already! WHAT DO YOU THINK?