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Well, for better or worse... HERE is the new cast of "Dancing With The Stars."
Sugar Ray Leonard, Chelsea Kane, Romeo, Ralph Macchio, Petra Nemcova, Kendra Wilkinson, Hines Ward, Mike Catherwood, Wendy Williams, Chris Jericho, Kirstie Alley.


The new trend in summer vacations is summer camp for adults. Check out all of these great camps.

Best Picture? No Way! What Oscar Winner did you think was just awful? The Oscars are this weekend!  Here is the list of all the Best Picture Winners of all time:

2009 - “The Hurt Locker”

2008 - “Slumdog Millionaire”

2007 - “No Country for Old Men”

2006 - “The Departed”

2005 - “Crash”

2004 - “Million Dollar Baby”

The Haircuts heard round the world! Justin Bieber and Jennifer Aniston both cut their famous locks! What do you think?

The 80's seem to be making a comeback.  Do you miss shoulder pads or the "Madonna" look? Remember when MTV was actually music videos? Remember the beginning of nighttime soaps, like "Dallas" and "Dynasty?" What do YOU remember  about the 80's?

Presidents Day!  No mail, no federal or state offices open today. So what's the deal with Metro Schools? They are open today, but how should we make up for the rest of the snow days? Longer days? Saturday school? Shorter Spring Break? What do you think? And why is it so hard to put a school calendar together?

Couples Hoping for a Baby Born on 11/11/11 Need to Get Busy, Break out the candles and romantic music. For couples hoping for a baby with the century's most memorable birthday, 11/11/11, TODAY is the day to conceive.  For women with a regular 28-day menstrual cycle, this week, ending TODAY, is prime baby-making time, but there are several factors that determine a baby's birthday.

Do you say "God bless you" when your pet sneezes? MIX  92.9 listerners overwhelmingly say "YES!" You can chime in on our Facebook page here.

Another bookstore is closing. Why? Do you go to bookstores often? Or buy all your books on the Internet? Do you read paper books, or are you all e-books now?

Have you ever seen someone doing something really gusty and thought “I wish I had done that!”…. Well, our Girl Anna was the woman to be yesterday. She walked out of a doctors office when they insisted she give them her social security. Why do they "have to" have it? Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world. Is there any other way for the medical community to keep track of us?