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Who's going to be named the WINNER of this season's DWTS? Who would YOU pick?

Did you watch the season finale of "The Celebrity Apprentice?" What do you think? Did he pick the right person? Share your thoughts HERE.

At least 89 people were killed over the weekend by a tornado that pummelled Joplin, Missouri. Click HERE to see graphic video of the storm.

What keeps ANTS away? Cinnamon? Scrubbing Bubbles? Chili Pepper? Black Pepper? Bay Leaves? These are just some of the ideas from Mix Listeners like you. Got another idea? Tell us!

Did you see the injury Kym Johnson sustained on "Dancing with The Stars?" How she performed Monday night is a near miracle. You can see the accident HERE, but be warned that this may be tough to watch.

You heard about the BOTOX MOM who gives her eight-year-old Botox injections on a regular basis for WRINKLES? Guess what else she is putting her daughter through?

She has had her daughter's eyebrows tattooed and plans to soon have her lip liner tattooed on.

How do YOU FEEL about all this?

 What exactly IS a SKINK? Click HERE to see it.  And don 't hurt it if you see it in your garden! They eat the cicadas and all the bad bugs you are trying to get rid of!

Big Fight Among the American Idol judges regarding Hailey Reinhart. Randy and Jennifer dissed her. She told Randy she was insulted. Steven Tyler jumped in and basically said the other judges were idiots. It was a MESS! See it HERE.

The government wants to put a chip in your cell phone. They say it can keep you safer. What is it? Click HERE to find out.

The state house and senate will vote tomorrow on whether schools should be forced to open no earlier than the third week of August (Like most of the rest of the country.) What do you think? This would also mean keeping schools open later in the spring.

 What DVDs are out today? Click HERE to get the latest!

Three big movies out this weekend: "Thor" is bound to be a smash. Wanna see the trailer? Click HERE.