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Ever heard of a "Grandparent Shower?"  The idea is to make sure the grandparent that helps out with the baby has the essentials, so Mom and Dad don't have to haul everything over to their house every time. Favorite blanket, favorite binky, etc... What do you think?

Looking for a new DVD? Check out the movies of the week before you make that decision.

We've all seen deer, raccoons, skunks, but have you seen ARMADILLOS on the side of the road? Apparently, they are becoming more commonplace in southern middle Tennessee. But our smart Mix listeners say you shouldn't touch them. They can allegedly spread leprosy!

A weather reporter in North Carolina had an unfortunate run-in with a moth on live TV. He handled it very well though.

Did you know that your car could be broken into by TEXT MESSAGE? It's not true for all cars, but how scary is that? Here is an article that explains it in detail.


Here is the list of TAX-FREE ITEMS this weekend! Some of these items may surprise you!

What is the big item that everyone is hoping to get during Tax-Free Weekend? An iPad, maybe? What are YOU looking for? Are you willing to brave the crowds?

Do you suffer from Phantom Vibration Syndrome? You think your phone is buzzing in your pocket and it's not? Tell us about it. You are not alone. Read this. Call us Thurs morn on the Mix Morning Show. 615-737-0929. And see the 2,000 person chorus HERE

"The Bachelorette" is over for the season. Did Ashley pick the right guy in JP? Or was Ben a better choice for her?

What is the most challenging thing about "Back to School" time? Join our Facebook discussion HERE and send us an email HERE.

Taking a Last Chance Road Trip before the kids head back to school? Does your family play car games? Like what? Or has the Car DVD player and ipod taken over any interaction on the road?