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Peter Cetera is doing a benefit concert on THURSDAY NIGHT at the Factory in Franklin.  TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT!!!

Plus, do you remember a certain beer commercial last year that had some fun with Peter Cetera, See it HERE.

You've seen  Air Force Band Sidewinder singing "Rolling in the Deep"? The singer, Angie Johnson, is from Nashville. And now, rumor has it, that she's going to be on the next season of the reality competition "The Voice."

See Sidewinder on Youtube

See Sidewinder on Entertainment Tonight

DOUBLE PRIZE TODAY with Nearly Impossible Trivia!  At 7:45, win FOUR (4) Tickets to see the Goo Goo Dolls at the Ryman. And check out Air Force Band Sidewinder singing Rolling in the Deep!

See them on Youtube:

Have you ever called your answering machine to leave yourself a message? Do you feel like a dork saying things like, "Hi, it's me!..."

What huge blockbuster movie did you not "get" at all? Everyone seems to have one. What's yours?

September 11, is Patriot Day.  Mix 92.9 would like to encourage all of our listeners to join together in unity by showing your true colors. Please raise an American flag in honor of this great nation and the brave men and women who gave their lives and those who fought to help others ten years ago on September 11, 2001.

The Kardashians. Why? Are you sick to death of them? Or are you a fan? Are they famous for being famous? Many Mix listeners have had enough of them and then some! How about you?

I LOVE the Kardashians!  or  ENOUGH ALREADY with the Kardashians!

Taylor Swift Gets PUNK'D by Justin Bieber!  An elaborate scheme to prank Taylor Swift was planned by Justin Bieber, who is allegedly taking over the head prankster role on MTV's Punk'd. Bieber has her come over to his beach house to write some songs. When she got there, they decided to set off some fireworks.  Anyway, the fireworks set fire to a nearby boat where a wedding was taking place, and everyone, including the bride, groom and priest, had to jump into the water to escape the flames.

Uh-Oh! This guy got arrested for mowing his lawn at 4:30 am. No warning, no phone calls, just got cuffed and hauled away. He said he always does his lawn AND his neighbors at that hour because of the daytime heat and he is in construction and works really long hours. Would YOU complain? Have him arrested?

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Lots of great events this weekend. Click HERE for details about the National Folk Festival and much more! But be careful! It's going to be VERY hot through Sunday. Click HERE for the forecast and latest radar.