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Do you get a 3-day Weekend? Columbus Day is Monday. Remember, no mail, no banks, no federal offices. And how long is your commute? We want to know which Mix listener has the LONGEST commute. Is it 60 miles? 70? How much gas  are you using?


RIP Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011. When was the last time a corporate executive was mourned by a nation? Think of how your world is different today because of him; your personal computer, your mouse, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and so much more. Thanks for your vision, your leadership, your enthusiasm and all the cool stuff, Steve!

Squirrel Steals Home in the playoffs last night. CLICK HERE to see how this critter upsets a very important game!

Want to apply for assitance through the Salvation Army's Angel Tree Program? NOW is the time and here's how: Go to or call 615-242-0411.  If you want to adopt angels with our Angels on the Air, we will be doing that starting in November. Stay Tuned!

Martha's Stewart's daughter, Alexis, shared a few personal things about her in her new book. For Example:
- "If I didn't do something perfectly, I had to do it again. … I grew up with a glue gun pointed at my head."
- (Halloween?) "There were no costumes. There was no anything. We turned off all the lights and pretended we weren't home."
- (Do we really need to know Martha's bathroom habits?) "Mother always peed with the door open. I remember saying, 'You know, I have friends over! You can't do that! My friends' parents don't do it!

Amanda Knox is free after having conviction overturned, but not everyone thinks she should be, Join in the conversation on our Facebook page. What else are people talking about? Hank WIlliams Jr.'s comments about the President yesterday. Lots of comments on that, too! You have an opinion? Feel free to share!

Skunk Season! Here is a surefire skunk removal remedy: Mix together ONE PINT HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, ONE BOX OF BAKING SODA, and a BIG SQUIRT OF DAWN LIQUID DISH SOAP. It will be the consistency of Elmer’s Glue. Put it on like a PASTE and let it sit on the dog for 15-30 minutes, then RINSE. Voila! No More Stinky Skunk! Several Mix listeners swear by it! You have something better? Do you have a Skunk story you want to share?

Lots of Movies opening this weekend! We're hearing great things about the movie, "50/50." Click HERE to find out about that and see what else is playing!

28% of Americans can't name any of their neighbors. We found that out earlier this week with Nearly Impossible Trivia. But, the weather is so fabulous these days, you may be meeting a lot of neighbors you never knew before. Seems like everyone is out taking a walk after dinner. How about you? Is your neighborhood hopping these days?

Here is the video from INSIDE the Washington Monument when that 5.8 earthquake hit D.C. this summer. Pretty scary for the 21 people up there!