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Glee, Dallas, Hot In Cleveland, Parks And Recreation are all going away. For a full list of cancels and keeps and mid-season sweeps go here.

 House of Cards fans might find the three new original shows Netflix has to offer of interest!  Find out if you think they are binge-worthy here.

There will be a new film version of "Les Miserables" and guess who is starring in it? Yup! TAYLOR SWIFT! (Wasn't she going to Hendersonville High School just yesterday?) Now, she is EVERYWHERE, including Cover Girl, her own line of Christmas cards, and now this. The film,is set to open on December 7th. 

You Did It! YOU helped this poor sad pup find his way home! A Mix listener heard us talking about it on the air, went to our Facebook page and offered to help, and did she ever! Because of her, we found out this pup we now know as "Kobe" had a microchip implanted. And that ultimately led to the dog's safe return home.

Some of your favorite movies are being inducted into the National Film Registry. Movies like, "Bambi," "Forrest Gump," and "Silence of the Lambs" are among those included. Click HERE to see the entire list.

The Titans are still a mathematical possibility for the playoffs. But don't get too excited. It's a Mathematical Nightmare:

1.) The Titans must beat Houston on Sunday AND

2.) Cincinnati must lose AND

3.) The NY Jets have to Win AND

4.) The Raiders or the Broncos have to Lose.

Piece O Cake!

Got Kleenex? Here is the full video of "Bring Him Home, Santa." We are so grateful to all the troops and their families. We wish you the most joyous of all Christmases. Please know that all of us at Mix 92.9 have you in our prayers, and we are smiling from ear to ear, just knowing that so many families will be reunited.

What was the second most popular video if 2011 according to You Tube? THIS ONE! And Number ONE? Well, if you have a pre-teen or teenager, THIS won't surprise you!

9 hours, 41 Minutes, 50 Seconds. That is how much sunshine we will have today! But it is not the shortest day of the year. The Winter Solstice is actually tomorrow, because the amount of sunshine on 22nd of December is just a millisecond shorter.

Is the pressure of the holidays making you a little nuts? Have you done anything you like this woman, who put all the presents she bought in the wrong car?