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Glee, Dallas, Hot In Cleveland, Parks And Recreation are all going away. For a full list of cancels and keeps and mid-season sweeps go here.

 House of Cards fans might find the three new original shows Netflix has to offer of interest!  Find out if you think they are binge-worthy here.

Valentine's Day. Who has it the toughest? Single Women? Single Men? Long Time Couples or Couples who have only been dating a short time? Your thoughts?

Mix 92.9  Remembers Whitney Houston. Here's Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney from the Grammy Awards.  Remember her national anthem in 1991?

GRAMMY NOMINEES. Who are YOU picking? 

Album of the year
21, Adele
Wasting Light, Foo Fighters
Born This Way, Lady Gaga
Doo-Wops & Hooligans, Bruno Mars
Loud, Rihanna

Record of the year
Rolling In the Deep, Adele
Holocene, Bon Iver
Grenade, Bruno Mars
The Cave, Mumford & Sons
Firework, Katy Perry

Song of the year (goes to writer)
All of the Lights (performed by <A title="More news, photos about Kanye West" href=",+Composers,+Sing

Seriously? If we had a dollar for every time someone told us we were doing something that was going to kill us...

Do you worry when you pump gas into your car? The EPA now says we should make sure we are standing up wind of the gas pump and do NOT "top off." They now say the fumes released into the air (and into your lungs) could give you leukemia! Another thing that makes us wonder how we survived our own childhood! To read more about it, click HERE.

Yes Nashville, you can get a BACON MILKSHAKE. If you are willing to take in 1,081 calories and 54 Fat Grams! Click HERE to get details.

This story is for everyone who's slipped up in public and called their significant other by the pet name you use at home . . . and then been MERCILESSLY MOCKED for it.  Everyone else is using pet names, too.  They're just more careful about it. A new survey found the 10 most popular pet names couples use for each other.  Check 'em out . .

Andy Toothman is now being referred to as SWEET TOOTH MAN after this break-in at a Kentucky supermarket. He didn't steal any money. Nope. He covered his nekkid body in chocolate and peanut butter. When police picked him up at the store, he had spelled "S-O-R-R-Y" on the floor in Nyquil. But he was charged anyway.

What were your favorite commercials during the Super Bowl yesterday? CLick HERE to join our Facebook discussion. To catch up on the ones you missed, CLICK here.

How many people are allowed to see what you look like before you even get out of bed in the morning? Well, these women are BRAVE! They have posted photos of themselves for all the world to see. Would you?

Will there be a wardrobe malfunction? Will Kelly Clarkson get through the National Anthem without making a mistake? These are just a couple of the unusual things you can bet on that are Super Bowl related. Want some more?