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Got 27 Minutes?

Watch Justin and Emily's Proposal HERE.

Halloween Storms! It's going to be a mess for Trick or Treating, so the question is, should your neighborhood switch the festivities to Friday? Do you even HAVE Trick or Treating in your neighborhood? Kids in Metro Schools have friday off annyway. What do you think?

Can you imagine McDonald's french fries without Heinz ketchup? It's true. They have dropped the ketchup giant and are currently shopping for a new ketchup supplier. Is there another ketchup company? Did you know that in Europe they put vinegar or mayonaisse on their fries?

She can be seen from blocks away. She lights her own way, and she can't possibly wander off without you catching him or her! A Costume made of black sweats and LED lights!

As we approach Halloween, consider this: Would you buy a house in which someone had died? Be honest. What if the price was amazing? Would that make a difference?

Another Google Doodle today if you are looking to pass the time while waiting for someone to answer the phone or waiting for a file to download or justing bored. Today is the 216th Anniversary of the First Jump out of a Plane with a Parachute! You have to wonder who lost THAT bet! "You try it." "I'm not gonna try it. YOU try it."


Did you turn on the heat this weekend? Temperatures dropped into the 30's overnight. More cold is on the way? When do you flip the switch?

Why would anyone eat dirt? Well, apparently, a lot of people eat what is called WHITE DIRT also known as WHITE CLAY. What does it look like? Divinity. What does it really taste like? DIRT! Read more about it HERE.

This will make you smile! There are so many things that we do privately that everybody else does too! Example? Ever cross your arms in the shower and collect the water in the "bucket?" (No, we don't have a camera set up!)

Want to know more? Listen at 7:10 this morning!

Imaging the reaction from your friends and family if they called you and instead of a standard boring voice mail greeting, they heard the unmistakable voice of the one and only Cher.