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"Django Unchained" is among the DVDs and BluRays coming out today. Click Here to see what else is for sale this week.

As last-minute filers rush to get their returns (or extensions) in by the due date,tax is the topic of conversation today. But who wants to talk about line 21 or Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System depreciation all day? To take you easily from the water cooler to cocktail hour, here are nine fun tax facts for April 15:

What's up with all the WASPS? If you haven't seen one in your home, consider yourself lucky! If you want to get rid of them CLICK HERE for a few remedies.

Rumor has it that Alec Baldwin will be getting his own late night talk show! Would you watch it?

Did 'Cookie Monster' shove a toddler?
The man was impersonating Cookie Monster to hustle money posing for photos, police say. When a toddler's parents refused to pay $2, this Cookie Monster apparently got mad. The child was shoved, and the costumed character was arrested. Read the whole story here.

Jack Hoffman is a 7 year old boy with brain cancer who has been "adopted" by the Univerity of Nebraska's football team. This past weekend the team had their annual spring football game and little Jack not only got to dress in full uniform, but he also got to play, running for a 69 yard touchdown before both benches cleared and surrounded Jack with cheers in the endzone.

Ever feel something in your pants leg and not know what it is? Is it a dryer sheet? A sock? Underwear? TELL US HERE.

Ever feel something in your pants leg and not know what it is? Is it a dryer sheet? A sock? Underwear? TELL US HERE.

Some great DVDs coming out today! "The Avengers" is probably the biggest of the bunch, with Robert Downey Jr. and Gwynyth Paltrow. Also, if you heard about "The Bible" mini-series, that is available today as well.

These high school kids put together the coolest video and it is going viral all over the country, hopefully inspiring other schools to take on the challenge.Nearly eight minutes in length, and with 49 people to choreograph, this video was no small feat. Watch a cameraman wind his way through the halls of their school as students lip sync to a mash-up of pop hits. We don’t have any idea how he didn’t fall down.