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HILARIOUS! Turn it up, and sing along, "I'm all about the Baste: More butter!"

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Glee, Dallas, Hot In Cleveland, Parks And Recreation are all going away. For a full list of cancels and keeps and mid-season sweeps go here.

 House of Cards fans might find the three new original shows Netflix has to offer of interest!  Find out if you think they are binge-worthy here.

Dont worry, nobody else has either. He has a new book out this summer that only sold about 1500 copies. That is until "The Cuckoo's Calling" was revealed as a book written by JK Rolling, author of all the Harry Potter series. It has since moved up to the #1 spot on

Are your Flip Flops KILLING you? Well, if you wear them too much, they definitely aren't doing you any good.

Have you seen the new Lone Ranger movie? What did you think of it? The reviews have been MIXed, but mostly bad. However, some people have absolutely LOVED it! It was supposed to be the blockbuster of the summer. Sleeper maybe?

More sunshine this week, AND more heat! Temperatures in the 90's all this week. Would you rather have hot and humid in July or uncharacteristically cool and rainy like we had last week?

Kim: Funniest thing I overheard on vacation...
(Roadkill rabbit in the street. Child upset.)
Mom: I'm sorry honey. The bunny rabbit is dead.
Child: Mommy, recharge it!

Well, this explains a lot…ORANGE Soda destroys your memory!?

Mix 92.9 may make you do better work! A group at the Brain Paint neurofeedback clinic did testing to determine what types of music are best for focus. Brain Paint technology is an evidence-based neurofeedback system that illustrates a person’s brain wave activity, including their states of thoughts, feelings and focus.


Are you in a Royal Baby pool yet? Boy? Girl? Date? Weight? NAME???? It's all the rage!


May he rest in peace, After 781 straight Alabama Crimson Tide football games, Dick Coffee has died at the age of 91.

Dick Coffee's streak would have been longer, but he put off college to serve in WWII. Then, in 1946, the Alabama freshman attended the season opener against Furman. He'd go to every single Crimson Tide game played—including road games and bowl—right up through January's national title. That's 781 straight.

His high-wire walk didn't start well. Perched on a 2-inch-thick metal cable, 1,500 feet in the air, daredevil Nik Wallenda spat on his hands and wiped the soles of his moccasins. "These shoes feel slippery. There's dust on this cable," the lifelong tightrope walker said Sunday as he was just beginning his quarter-mile trek across the Little Colorado River Gorge near the Grand Canyon without the aid of a safety tether.