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What will you remember most about the Super Bowl this year? The Blow out? Bruno Mars halftime show? The Commercials? What really stands out to you?

Yes, every presenter and performer at the Grammys gets a very high end gift bag. (Like they need it.) This gift bag was worth $21,000 dollars! Click HERE to see what they got! And CHECK EBAY to get your hands on this stuff!

Do you remember Dave Madden? He played Manager Reuben Kincaid on "The Partridge Family" in the 1970s? He passed away this week at the age of 82.

On the same day, the actor who played "The Professor" on "Gilligan's Island" died. He was 89.

And if you are a believer that deaths come in three, you may want to consider a little woman who played a Munchkin in "The Wizard of Oz." She also passed and was the last living female Munchkin. In fact, there is only one Munchkin left. You may recognize him from The Lollypop Guild.

Many people love the Olympics because it brings the nation together. BUT... We have a major controversy regarding the Women's Figure Skating Team.  Do you know what is going on? CLICK HERE to get the details, and CLICK HERE to chime in!

Double dog dare ya to watch this without crying happy tears! CLICK HERE when you have two minutes.

How many of the following items do you have in your car?

It's going to be a COLD weekend and then it gets WORSE! By Tuesday, the high could be 13 degrees!

Click HERE for details.

Do you have any regrets about 2013? Something you would like to leave behind you as you enter the New Year? How do you DO that? Some people write down the stuff they want to let go of and light it on fire. Read about it HERE.

How Many of the TOP-RATED SERIES of 2013 are Must See TV for YOU? Which Ones? Anything on this list surprise you? Click HERE to Comment

1.) The Walking Dead
2.) Sunday Night Football
3.) The Big Bang Theory
4.) Modern Family (tie)...
4.) Duck Dynasty (tie)
6.) Monday Night Football
7.) The Blacklist
8.) The Voice - Monday
9.) Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
10.) The Voice - Tuesday (tie)
10.) Sleepy Hollow (tie)
10.) Grey's Anatomy (tie)
10.) American Idol- Wednesday (tie)

If you are looking for some musical entertainment this New Years Eve, there are plenty of options, though most of the big name shows are sold out. Still, if you are willing to brave the crowds, you should find lots of fun! CLICK HERE.