Holiday World Winning Weekend

Tune in and listen to Mix 92.9 all weekend and your family could be enjoying a day at Holiday World.  All you have to do is listen for the cue to call and be caller 9 to win.  You will win a pair of tickets good for any open day left in the season.  Spashin’ Safari at Holiday World has added four new in-the-dark water slides in a complex called Hyena Falls. The longest of the Hyena Falls slides is 350 feet with an exciting drop into an open-air half-pipe slide for a really cool back-and-forth skate-boarding effect.  Don't forget that the Wildebeest water coaster was named the World's #1 Waterpark Ride in 2012 and The Mammoth, the world's largest water coaster, was named the Best Waterpark Ride.

All of this is just a short 3 hour trip from Nashville and your family is winning a pair of tickets this weekend.  So enjoy the New Hyena Falls and the over 30 acres of wave pools, water slides, water coasters and wet family fun at Holiday World.