Things are "hopping" at Nashville Zoo!

Collect the kids and bounce over to the Zoo for our 16th annual Eggstravaganzoo! There will be egg hunts  for the kids and animals along with games and general merriment all day long! Special guests at the big day will include the Zoo's giraffe mascot Twiga and a white-haired, long-eared fellow lovingly known as the Easter Bunny!

Egg hunts will take place on the Zoo's Festival Field, located behind the gift shop. Everyone is encouraged to arrive at least an hour before the egg hunt times. The times are:

2 & under......10 a.m. OR 12:30 p.m.*
3 years..........10:30 a.m. OR 1 p.m.*
4-5 years......11 a.m. OR 1:30 p.m.*
6-7 years......11:30 a.m. OR 2 p.m.**
8-10 years.....Noon OR 2:30 p.m**

*Parents can accompany child onto field. PLEASE NOTE: The 2 and under egg hunt is only for ages where children are old enough to retrieve their own eggs.
**Parents DO NOT accompany children onto field. PLEASE NOTE: We ask that all parents stay on the side of the field to ensure everyone's enjoyment and that everyone can keep their children in sight.

What better way to spend the day with your family than at the Nashville Zoo!

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