We've made it to Guangzhou!

Yesterday we flew from Nanchang to Guangzhou. It was a one hour flight, but it felt like a completely different world when we stepped off the plane. Guangzhou is about as Westernized as you can get in China. Nanchang is about as far as you can get from Western society.

CJ felt like all was right in her world when she saw this sign.

Johanna did great on the plane ride over. She's a little trooper. Although, even at eight months old she has a tough time packing light.

Our last night in Nanchang we had a pizza party with all of the other families in our group. I'm convinced these are the 8 cutest babies in all of China right now.

We are staying at The White Swan hotel in Guangzhou. It is beautiful. It's also fun to meet all of the other American familes staying here waiting for their kids' visas.

Today we did a little shopping and bought Johanna this shirt. Does it get any cuter than "Made In China"?

Tomorrow we have a medical exam and paperwork. Hopefully we will be able to squeeze a little bit of fun in there somewhere.