We Are Poets and We Know Its!

My Mom and I may live far apart, but we stay in touch. Even when there is nothing much going on, we have an ongoing poetry game going on. That may not seem like much fun to you, but my mother's mother was an award-winning poet and so is MY mom. I'm not all that concern about the award thing, but it makes Mom smile when I write, so I keep plugging away.

This week we wrote about

"The Aging Humorist"

I may not be as droll or young

As in my earlier days

But I'm still known to click my tongue

With a jocular quip or phrase


While humor finds its place in time

To each his own will chuckle

A Vaudeville act well past its prime

Made audiences buckle


My aging peers in their midyears

Will titter, I suppose

But the times I'll hold most dear, my dear?

When they snort liquid through their nose.


Kim Leslie

Copyright 2011