Ways to Save your Precious Time

Hey, my friend!
If you're always wishing you had more time, you may find a tip below that can help. Let me know if one works for you!
Anna Marie
I read an article recently that listed ways you can become more productive, or have more free time. Basically, ways we can quit wasting time with things that are just unproductive. 

Never pick up on an unknown caller.
Unless you're working in telesales or product support, there's no reason why you should ever take a call from somebody you don't know. After all, when was the last time you took an unexpected call that was truly important?
Give social butterflies short shrift.
For some people, a day at work means an endless chance to ‘visit.’
They wander the halls searching for somebody, ostensibly to discuss business but really just to chat. Don't let these time leeches hobble your success. Just say no. If necessary, get rude.

Take a five-minute walking break every hour.
The human body is not designed to sit for hours at a stretch. Attempting to do so inevitably creates aches and pains that leech your energy as your body tries to compensate and heal them. So get up and move! Use a timer if you have to.

Make your decisions more quickly.
Most people waste an extraordinary amount of time obsessing about (and second-guessing) their decision making. However, you're always better off making a good-enough decision quickly than waiting for an imaginary best decision.

Completely disconnect for 12 hours every day.
If you stop pretending to be productive when you're eating and sleeping, you'll be far more productive when you're actually working. Being always available is an unfailing recipe for stress, illness, and bad decision making. Give it rest.

AND THE ONE I THINK IS THE BIGGIE, and one that I think many people could do: Permanently turn off your voice mail.
A voice-mail message consumes minutes of your time (more if you have to replay) to communicate information you could absorb from an email in seconds. Explain in your outgoing message that you don't use voice mail, and instead provide your email address. OR your text number!

What do you think?