Tommy Farmer of the TBI's Meth and Pharmaceutical Task Force

Tommy Farmer, of the TBI's Tennessee Meth and Pharmaceutical Task Force, joins Anna to discuss Tennessee's meth problem. Mr. Farmer will discuss how meth is being made these days which includes a "shake method" that people use to make meth in coke or water bottles. He will also talk about how the common household chemicals used to make meth were not designed to mix with each other, but when they are mixed they create toxic and hazardous chemicals that cause very hot fires and explosions. Mr. Farmer will also talk about how some of these meth makers are willingly and unwittingly recruiting some people to buy the products to make meth for them. He will also discuss topics such as how they can try to help users of meth, and he will also discuss the potential of lawmakers passing legislation to make the purchase of pseudoephedrine requiring a prescription.

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