Standard Rules

1. No purchase is necessary to win.

2. Contestants must live within a 100 mile radius of Nashville, Tennessee.

3. WJXA / Mix 92.9 (“Station”) contests are open only to listeners who have not won a prize or prizes from the Station in the last thirty (30) days, and who have not won a prize or prizes valued at more that $1,000 from the Station in the last twelve (12) months. Qualified winners have thirty (30) days from the day they are contacted by the Station to claim his/her prize. After this thirty (30) day period, all prizes will be forfeited and will become the property of Mix 92.9 / WJXA.

4. Station will not be responsible for mail that has been lost, damaged or delayed.

5. No more than one contestant or winner per household will be allowed for the duration of any contest. A “household” consists of individuals residing at the same address.

6. Unless otherwise specified, contestants and/or winners must be at least 18 years of age, possess a valid driver’s license or other official photo identification in his or her name and must present the same to Station prior to claiming any prize.

7. Certain contests may limit eligibility to persons of a certain age, who live in a given geographic location, or who work in a particular job, by way of example. Contestants are responsible for determining whether such eligibility limitations apply to a particular contest or promotion.

8. Prizes should be claimed in person by the winner and are not transferable. In the event that another individual is appointed to claim a winner’s prize the winner must notify Station in advance of the date of pick up. Additionally, the person who is claiming a prize on behalf of a winner must present to Station a signed letter of authorization from the winner along with a copy of the winner’s valid driver’s license or other official photo identification. Station reserves the right to withhold all prizes to anyone claiming a prize for a qualified winner without this authorization.

9. Winners are responsible for all taxes, duties or other costs associated with any prizes won in a Station contest. If applicable, Station will provide all winners with a W-9 form to be completed prior to receiving any prize valued at $500 or more. Station will provide winners of prizes valued at $600 or more (individually or collectively) with 1099 forms for income tax purposes.

10. In its discretion, Station may require winners to sign a release form in order to receive a prize. In such a case, the winner will not be entitled to receive the prize without signing the release.

11. Station is not responsible for any mechanical or technical issues related to telephone services or Internet service providers, loss of service to contest phone number due to overload, busy signals, or any other reasons that may prevent any individual from completing his/her call to Station’s contest/request hotline or accessing Station’s website.

12. By accepting a prize, a contestant represents that they did not use any proprietary company “choke” lines or numbers and that they personally made the winning prize call.

13. When applicable, all qualified contestants are solely responsible for arranging transportation to and from any Grand Prize Event.

14. Station has the sole right to establish the rules for all contests and initiate and end contest play.

15. Contest phone calls will be accepted only on Station’s contest/request lines. Calls to any other telephone numbers are not eligible.

16. Station reserves the right to substitute the grand prize (when applicable) for another grand prize of similar and/or equal value.

17. Station reserves the right to cancel a contest at any time without prior notice.

18. Station makes no warranties regarding the safety, condition, or fitness of any prizes awarded and will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by a winner through the use of any awarded prize.

19. No person shall be entitled to any prize if it is discovered that he or she violated the contest rules in any manner.

20. If a prize consists of tickets for a sporting event, concert, movie, play or similar event, Station will not be responsible for cancellation. In that event, the winner must deal exclusively with the promoter of the event.

21. Unless specific contest rules provide otherwise, all prizes consisting of trips must be taken within one year of the award. Otherwise, the prize will be forfeited. Winners must book such trips at least 60 days in advance.
• For on-site entry box contests:  Entries must be deposited in the official entry box by the announced deadline.  Only official entry blanks that are handwritten are eligible (no mechanical reproductions will be accepted).  Official contest entry blanks are only available at the location of the official entry box, while supplies last.

• For internet based entries (whether via email, social networks, online submissions, or the Station’s Club (as defined below)):
1. Entrants will be asked to go to a particular website (whether the Station’s main website at or an alternative website that can be accessed directly or as a link through which alternative website is hereinafter referred to as a “MicroSite” and together with, a “Website”) on particular days and times to enter a contest, as announced.  Criteria for winning and/or conditions for entry will be announced by Station, which may include, without limitation, one or more of the following types of modes of entry/winning:  (a) answering survey questions, (b) correctly answering trivia questions, (c) making predictions or guesses with respect to certain upcoming events, (d) submitting essays (of specified lengths), photos, videos or audio, or (e) simply completing entry forms with contact information. 

2. If entrants do NOT need to be a member of the Station’s online club, social networking site or texting club in order to enter, entrants may be provided with an opportunity to opt-in for membership/participation as part of the entry process but accepting such membership, however, is not a condition of entry.

3. When entry requires membership in the Station’s on-line club (the “Club”): (in addition to the other relevant provisions set forth in these rules):  Membership is free.  The Club is an internet club that will entitle members to, among other things, receive information from Station and its clients, enter contests, participate in surveys and enjoy many other opportunities.  To join the Club go to and click on the link for the Club and provide all required information (incomplete registrations may be invalidated in Station’s sole discretion).  In the event of a dispute regarding the identity of a member, the holder of the registered e-mail account will be deemed the person who submitted the membership.  The holder of the e-mail account is the natural person who is assigned the e-mail address by an Internet access provider, online service provider, or other organization that is responsible for assigning e-mail addresses for the second level domain associated with the e-mail address in question.  Limit one membership per e-mail address.  Members are required to provide truthful information when completing Club membership registration form.   If a Member cancels his/her membership during any contest in which such Member is entered (or was automatically entered), such Member may no longer be eligible to win a prize in such contest, in Station’s sole discretion.   Contest entry for Club members may be by one of the following means: (i) Members are automatically entered in contests from time to time; (ii) Members may be required to complete a specific on-line entry blank for particular contests; (iii) Redemption of Club points (if available), which have no cash value, for an opportunity to enter selected contests; or (iv) Other means of entry as may be announced from time to time.

4. When entry requires membership to, or registration with, a third party social network (e.g., Facebook or Twitter) (such person “Users”):  In the event of a dispute regarding the identity of a User, a person who can demonstrate the ability to log into the applicable account with the correct user name and password will be deemed the User who submitted the entry.  Users acknowledge that the third party social network sites (“Social Network Sites”) are not affiliated with the Station and, therefore, Station cannot control certain factors relating to such sites, including, without limitation, errors, cancellation of User accounts or technical malfunctions associated with any Social Network Site that may affect any entrant’s ability to enter, win, view, be advised of, be eligible for or be properly considered in a particular Station contest.  Contest entry via Social Network Sites may be by one of the following means: (i) Users may be automatically entered in contests from time to time (e.g., all Followers of the applicable Station Twitter account or all Friends or Fan, or people who Like a page or such other terminology used from time to time (as applicable) of the Station’s page on Facebook); (ii) User may be required to email the Station, listen to its radio station or visit the Station’s website to enter; (iii) all (or selected) Users may be offered the opportunity to call the Station to win at announced days/times or upon the occurrence of certain on-air broadcasts (i.e. a song, series of songs, sounder or phrase); (iv) User may be required to post a comment or take other action to be entered (e.g., changing the User’s profile picture) with respect to User’s Social Network Site account; or (iv) other means of entry as announced by Station.   With respect to any Station Facebook pages (if any), Station has no obligation whatsoever to “accept” (and reserves the right to freely reject, in its sole discretion in each specific instance) any particular Friend request and any such rejection by Station of a Friend request shall render the requestor ineligible to enter and/or win any contests that require being a “Friend” in order to participate.
• Listen for Your Name Contests:  Any Station contest may require that one or more selected entrants listen for their name to be announced on-air as a potential winner.  In such events:  (i)  only the actual person who entered can win (or was deemed to have entered in the case of certain social network contests or Club contests) and must be the person who calls in (persons having the same name will be disqualified if not the actual entrant), (ii) call-ins will only be eligible to win if the announced telephone number is the one called within the designated time, and (iii) the call must be received and answered by the Station within the exact period of time announced.
• For text message based contests:   In case of an identity dispute, the registered user of the text message account on the date of entry will be the recognized user.  Participants acknowledge that messages are distributed via third party mobile network providers and, therefore, Station cannot control certain factors relating to message delivery.  Participants acknowledge that, depending on the recipient’s mobile provider service, it may not be possible to transmit the message to the recipient successfully. Station does not claim or guarantee availability or performance of this service, including liability for transmission delays or message failures.  Station does not charge a fee for this service.  It is each Participant’s responsibility to check with their individual carrier, as other charges may apply.  BE ADVISED THAT IN SOME CASES, TEXTS TO THE STATION WILL RESULT IN ONE OR MORE AUTOMATIC BOUNCE BACK MESSAGES, FOR WHICH PARTICIPANTS MAY INCUR A FEE FROM THEIR PROVIDER.  Station assumes no responsibility for charges incurred for text-messaging, including, without limitation, as a result of any bounce back messages or contest notices from the Station.  For texting contests, entrants will be asked to text specific information (as announced by Station) to a designated telephone line (the phone number will be given in the announcement) at a particular time or times.  At the time that texts are solicited, the criteria for winning will be announced (e.g., first text message received with the correct answer).  Only those text messages to the specific phone number provided, at the time texting is solicited, shall be eligible to win. Texting to the main Station phone number or any other phone number are not eligible. Winners will be selected in accordance with the criteria announced when text messages are solicited.  If the Station receives less than the requested number of text messages (e.g., only 9 text messages when the Station is looking for the 10th texter to win) within a reasonable period of time (as determined by Station), Station reserves the right to re-conduct that contest at a later time or cancel that winning opportunity and not award the associated prize.
• Photo Contests:  Contests requiring that entrants submit photographs (via email, text message, mail, fax, online upload or other mode announced), the following provisions will apply:
1. Electronic submissions of entry photos may only be submitted in the following format:  .jpeg.
2. All entrants who submit a photo agree to the following (and Station may require, as a condition of entry, that entrants sign a separate agreement or, with respect to online entries, affirmatively check a box or an “I agree” button agreeing to some or all of the provisions set forth in this Section 7(h) and/or other requirements):
I. Entrant represents and warrants that he/she own the rights to, or has obtained permission to use, the photo submitted.
II. Entrant represents and warrants that he/she authorizes Station to post the photo on Station’s website or social network sites.
III. Entrant agrees and acknowledges that Station and contest sponsors and their respective affiliates, parents, employees, agents and all other related sponsors may use for advertising and/or promotional purposes, entrant’s name, image, photo submission, other entry materials and/or biographical information on radio, TV broadcasts, newspaper advertisements, on websites and/or any other medium in connection with participation in this contest or otherwise without the payment of any additional compensation to you.
IV. Entrant understands and agrees that Station shall be the sole and exclusive owner of the photograph submitted and agrees to sign any documents requested by Station to evidence such transfer of ownership. 
V. Station staff may review each photograph for unsuitable content, as determined in Station’s sole discretion. All photographs containing any content Station deems unsuitable shall be disqualified or edited in the sole discretion of Station.  No notification of such disqualification or editing will be provided.  DO NOT SEND ANY PHOTOS CONTAINING NUDITY, INDECENCY, ILLEGAL DRUG USE, ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES, OR OBSCENE GESTURES OR SITUATIONS.  All of the foregoing may result in disqualification and/or editing and are not intended to limit in any way Station’s right to deem anything else unsuitable content.
VI. No more than one (1) photograph may be attached to any entry.  
VII. Winners will be selected based on the criteria announced by Station with respect to each contest, which may include, without limitation, random drawing or the photograph that Station deems is “best” (based on any lawful criteria Station deems desirable, in its sole discretion).
• On-Site Contesting Events:  For contests requiring that entrants, qualifiers and/or finalists be present at a Station contesting event in order to continue participation in a contest, the following will apply:
1. If check-in or registration at the event is required by Station, you must check in (or, in some cases, be in line to check in) at the closing time announced.  Eligibility to participate in the contest event may require that at check-in each timely arrived participant complete and sign one or more liability release agreements, provide his/her social security number, provide evidence of a valid United States federal or state photo ID (ie. driver’s license, passport or military ID) and/or other specific requirements announced.   Failure to do any of the foregoing at check-in if required will result in automatic disqualification.
2. Participants hereby agree to strictly follow all instructions and directions given by the Station staff at the event and understand that any intentional failure to comply with the Station’s instruction, process, procedures or contest rules at the event may result in immediate disqualification (in Station’s sole discretion).    
Any decision by the Station Contest Administrator at such events will be final and not subject to appeal.
3. In the event that the Grand Prize Event needs to be rescheduled for any reason, such postponement will be announced on air and on the Station’s website.  It is the sole responsibility of each Entrant/Qualifier to check the website and/or listen on-air for cancellation and/or rescheduling information.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, Station may (but is not obligated to) send a written, email or telephonic notice to Qualifiers regarding any necessary rescheduling of the Grand Prize Event with the rescheduled date/time but in no event will Station or Sponsors have any liability or responsibility for any Qualifier’s failure to receive the message for any reason or any Qualifier’s inability to attend the event on the rescheduled date (and no alternative opportunities will be offered).
The Station is not responsible for entries not timely received by it, regardless of the cause of the failure to receive.
For the official rules of a contest, send a self-addressed stamped envelope for receipt by the end of the contest Period to WJXA Mix 92.9 504 Rosedale Avenue Nashville, TN 37211 Attn: Promotion Rules.