Speaking out!

I'm so proud of Angelina Jolie for speaking out this week about her double mastectomy. She could just have easily kept it a secret. She's had breast reconstruction, so who'd have known?
But she told us about her choices, and encouraged other women to educate themselves and talk to their doctors, and make their own right choice.
Having lost loved ones to breast cancer, and having friends who've survived it, I'm all for more education.

I'm not facing that decision in my life, but I do find myself facing the decision of whether to go ahead and get that mammogram, or put it off another month because I'm 'busy.' 

Let's go. Get screened. Stay healthy. Let's keep on top of this, and let this whole teachable moment teach us not to take our health or our lives for granted.

Below is the story you may have heard in the Mix news this morning, about the founder of Susan G. Komen praising Jolie's move.

I'm also putting THIS LINK for information about where to get free or low-cost mammograms. There's no real excuse for us not doing it.

The founder and CEO of Susan G. Komen for the Cure says actress Angelina Jolie did a really good thing in opening up to the public about her preventive double mastectomy. Nancy Goodman Brinker says Jolie helped remove the stigma some people feel about speaking-out about it.

Above all else, please take care of yourself. You are worthy. You are loved and needed. There are people who are depending on you, and young people who are learning from you, whether you realize it or not! Let's live some good lessons! 
I'll talk to you soon.
Love from Anna Marie