My favorite part of the awards shows is the In Memorium. Is that Sick? Probably. But after all is said and done, I like to remember, who I forgot to remember that I forgot. What's wrong with that? However, I always try to find people that were left out and this year's Oscar's was no exceptions.


You may think of them as television stars, but there were several stars who were also prominent in films who poassed away over the past year and were left off the "In Memoriam" piece of the Academy Awards. Among them, Donna Summer, who starred in "Thank God It's Friday" during the disco era. Also, Phyllis Diller, who was in a lot of older movies, bu tyou may remember her voice from the part of the Queen in "A Bug's Life." Also, Larry Hagman, who starred in several movies, including a prominent role as the 1998 film "Primary Colors." And one actor who did scads of movies and was left out completely..... Andy Griffith!