Salvation Army Special

This week for Focus, Anna Marie sits down with a few different representatives from the Salvation Army, and discusses what we need to know about the cause as the holiday season approaches. 

First, Lieutenant Colonel Charles White of the Salvation Army joins Anna to discuss the charity's mission, its start, purpose, and the reward of the hard work, among other things.

 Next up, Major Ed Lee,the Area Commander for Nashville's Salvation Army, speaks with Anna about the progress that the organization is making so far this year, and how Nashville's citizens can help out this year.

Then April Calvin, the Director of the Salvation Army's Transitional Housing Program, discusses how some people are getting back on their feet through the program, and what requirements these individuals have to meet to become a part of the special program.

Finally, April Anderson, a resident of the Transitional Housing Program discusses how she has been able to turn her life around with help from the Salvation Army.

Listen to Mix this Sunday, November 17th for all of this and so much more on this week's installment of Focus.

And if you would like more information on the Salvation Army and how you can help, please visit: