Looking for the perfect birthday present for someone special? ... Consider this! It's awesome. Make a donation in the name of a loved one. Even $20 would make a huge difference and it is completely tax deductible. Please don't forget the fishing families. This is totally legit. And if you see John Tesh, please thank him. He and Connie and so amazing. They are always looking for ways to help people. Please keep them in your prayers, that they may continue to make a difference in our world, and prayer for the fishermen and their families suffering so terribly at this time.


By now, we are sure that everyone is well aware of the situation happening in the Gulf of Mexico.  

adopt a fishermanThe John Tesh Radio Show has launched a humanitarian effort called “Adopt A Fisherman,” to help the many fishermen and their families who have lost their livelihood due to the massive oil spill. 

 You can donate to their cause here.

I did.