The OTHER 12 Days of Christmas

I LOVE THIS! I found this on a Mommy Blog and I just love it. It's not easy, but it's well worth it.... Can you take the challenge? Feel Free to Share!

I challenge you to do the 12 Days of Christmas Note Challenge 
Here are 12 people to whom you can write a note. It doesn't need to be a big long thing. Just make it a note that shows your appreciation for this person. 

Not all of these people will be easy to write kind words to, but if you follow through, you will both feel happier. 

1.  Someone who you have known for years.
 2.  Someone who taught you something.
 3.  Someone who you might have offended.
 4.  Someone who you have always appreciated, but never told.
 5.  Someone who you will never forget.
 6.  Someone who has helped you at the hardest time in your life. 
7.  Someone who has given you the most wisdom.
 8.  Someone who makes you laugh.
 9.  Someone who has hurt you (& you are trying to forgive).
 10.  Someone who you normally wouldn't thank. (need ideas?)
 11.  Someone who made a difference in your childhood.
 12.  Someone who has changed your life."