My New Baby

I've been so sad, and missing my babies, since my two older cats died this past year.

Gracie, my Calico, died suddenly last December.

And then Julia, my oldest kitty, passed away from cancer the weekend of July 4th. I was devastated.

The only  kitty I have left is Sweetie, Gracie's baby.
Sweetie, however, has never been very cuddly and loving. She's skittish, and starts to run every time I reach for her.

I've missed having a kitty to sleep with and love on.

But this weekend the Nashville Zoo hosted a Pet Adoption Fair, with six local animal adoption agencies and shelters bringing pets they need homes for.

I found one.

I had prayed about it, asking God to let me know if I'd found the cat I should take home. 

Then, I saw her.

A little black kitten, long and skinny, sleeping underneath a pile of about three other kittens. She has big gold eyes and looks just like my beloved Julia Cat did as a kitten. 

When you adopt a pet from the Humane Association, you also get their medical records. When I saw them, I felt it was a sign that I'd found the right cat. This little kitten was taken to the shelter because she'd been thrown into a swimming pool to drown. Someone found her, freezing cold and near death, and took her to the vet.

Not only did that melt my heart, but there was a connection for me to my late cat, Julia. 
When Julia was a little kitten, she once fell into the bathtub full of water, and I had to quickly scoop her out and dry her off. 

When Julia got older, I was in the tub one night, and was submerged - all except my face - and had my eyes closed. I suddenly felt something on my cheek, and opened my eyes to see my Julia cat on the side of the tub, with a concerned look on her face, trying to fish me out of the water with her paw!
She apparently thought I had fallen into that mean old water, and she was trying to save me.

Now, this little kitten who'd been saved from water. It just seemed right.

So, I paid my 60 bucks (when you adopt a kitten or puppy from the Humane Association, they've had all their shots and have been spayed or neutered. That 60 bucks is a bargain!), and took her home.

That was Saturday. She's already turning into my cuddle buddy. I'm uploading some pictures.

Sweetie cat is not too happy, yet: she hisses when she sees the little one, but I think she'll get used to having another kitty around soon.

I haven't named the new kitten, yet. She comes when I call out, 'Where's my little baby?' But I want to let her personality tell me what to call her.

In the meantime, if you have name ideas, let me know! 

I hope you're with YOUR loved ones, whether they're people or pets.

And I'm also including this video, called GOD AND DOG, because it is WONDERFUL!

You'll want to share it with every pet lover you know.

God bless, my friend!

Love from Anna Marie