July 27 - Sir Paul

I am fortunate  beyond words to have been able to go to see Paul McCartney at the Bridgestone Arena. I saved up just to buy the ONE TICKET in a seat BEHIND THE STAGE and pretty far up...This my view from my cell phone.

But then, a friend of mine texted me that she was sitting in the 9TH ROW and she was LEAVING!!! She was kind enough to give me her ticket, so I went to the ninth row and took this photo when Paul brought a young man up from the audience to sing with him. They did "Get Back."

Well, the floor was SO PACKED that I could not get to my friend's seat in the middle so I stood at the end of row nine until I saw someone from ROW 2 get up and leave. I heard them say, "We're late. I told the babysitter we would be home by now." So I knew they were not coming back.  TEE HEE HEE! Yup! I skeedattled my tush down to the 2ND ROW!!! And within a minute, the people standing right in front of me LEFT, so TAH-DAH!!! I was in the front row, and the show was far from over! That's how I got pictures like this!

Too bad I didn't have a better camera with me. I  only had my cell phone. But I have absolutely nothing to complain about. The show was like stepping into a time machine and truly one of the best nights of my life.