Hanging Out In Hong Kong

Wow! What a week this has been!

CJ and I left Nashville around 4pm on 11/3 and arrived in Hong Kong 27 hours later on 11/5. We never saw 11/4. (That's a weird feeling to "skip" an entire day).

I will admit that I was happy about our 6 hour layover in Los Angeles. It gave me a chance to cruise out of the airport and over to the nearest In-N-Out Burger for my Double Double fix.

Our flight from LA to Hong Kong was 15 hours...ugh! And the girl next to me was sick...double ugh! But we made it, and so far we are still healthy.

We landed in Hong Kong at 5:00am and headed to the hotel. From there we did what any self-respecting adult would do with a free day in Hong Kong..we went to DisneyLand!

It was rainy, but we had a blast. We went with some new friends from our neck of the woods that are also adopting. It was a great way to force ourselves to stay awake and get on Hong Kong time.

Today (Saturday) we toured all of Hong Kong. It truly is an amazing place.

This is one of the many skylines in Hong Kong. There are 7 million people in only 20 square miles, so everything is tall.

This is Jumbo, the floating restaurant. It doesn't float any more because they built the land right up to it, but about 20 years ago it floated out in the middle of the harbor.

This is part of one of the religious temples in Hong Kong. It sits on Repulse Bay. (Not what you think...it's actually named that because it's where the English Navy "repulsed" the pirates out of the area).

Here is a typical intersection in Hong Kong. This is a Saturday...can you imagine what it must be like during rush hour?!

Well, I'm off now. It's about 6:30pm on Saturday night and a few of us are going to head out to one of the local shopping centers and grab some food.

Tomorrow we fly to Nanchang, China and we will finally be able to hold our little girl in our arms.