Goodwill: An Introspective

I’ll just go ahead and get out my feelings on Goodwill (the store, not the general feeling of love we have for each other) in the very first thought: it’s like an endless field of bacon.  Smothered in cheese.  Now, as soon as you come back from your pork-flavored daydream, I’ll tell you why.  I’ll wait.  A field of bacon smothered in cheese is no laughing matter. 

Goodwill (also affectionately named FOBSIC, see above reference to pork and dairy products) is a thrift store to some.  But to me, it’s endless racks of possibilities.  Cheap, unique, and totally worth bragging about possibilities.  That awesome dress your co-worker just described as “totally rockin’” becomes even more rockin’ when you announce that you got it for under $10.  People will be in awe of your fashion sense all while admiring your frugal nature (and possibly eyeing your shoes in jealousy when you announce they were $6) and you, my friend?  A clear winner in every sense.  Goodwill keeps my wallet happy, my wardrobe diverse, and my smile bright.  Paying full price for things puts me in an irritable mood, so I really look at my Goodwill habit as a service to humanity. As my disposition takes a turn for the sunny, I look cute and my budget is still intact. 

Looking for a costume for a Halloween party or over-the-top Christmas karaoke contest?  Goodwill’s got the goods.  Need some old books for a really fun craft project?  Goodwill, my friend.  Need a fun date night?  Give each other $10 and see who gets the best/most stuff in a Goodwill shopping spree.

A good rule of thumb when shopping at Goodwill is to keep an open mind.  If you go in expecting to find nothing, then you probably will.  A little digging can net you a fantastic deal, so keep your eyes wide open and your hands busy digging. 

Knowing the deals at Goodwill is also essential to getting that bang your buck so desperately wants.  Each Sunday and Wednesday are $.99 clothing days.  A designated color of tag (it will be prominently displayed overhead and on the clothing racks) is, you guessed it, just a penny under a dollar.  In addition, each week has its own tag color, denoting 50% off any item with that color of tag(this applies to the whole store, not just clothing.)  And finally, just when you think it can’t get any better…the first Saturday of every month brings the holy grail of Goodwill shopping: Half. Price. SATURDAYS.  As the name so helpfully suggests, these glorious days of bargain hunting mean that everything in the entire store is 50% off.  That $8 dress?  A mere $4 now.  The table that was $30?  $15 dollars!  I could go on, but I’m fairly certain that you get the idea (the idea being that Goodwill is amazing) and have a grasp on basic math.  These glorious Saturdays are by far their busiest day, so plan to go early in the day to beat the other deal-seekers or later in the afternoon after the early ones go home. 

So, let’s recap:  paying full price = irritability and an unnecessary drain on one’s wallet.  Shopping at Goodwill and not paying full price = smartly dressed citizens, well-decorated homes, and full bank accounts.  I mean, really?  What’s not to love?  But I AM going to have to ask you to step away from that fedora – it’s half price Saturday and that thing’s going home with me.