Give It to Goodwill and The Salvation Army

This week Jamie Berry from Goodwill, and Major Ed Lee and Gerald Brown from the Salvation Army, join Anna Marie to talk about donations, and how it is important this time of the year coming out of the winter season when donations are usually low. Jamie will discuss all of the type of items that Goodwill needs, including items you wouldn't think that you could normally donate. Then Major Ed Lee and Gerald Brown of the Salvation Army will talk to Anna about how the Salvation Army plans to give back this season, and what got both of these men involved in their community. Gerald talks about how he grew up in unfortunate circumstances, and how at any time he could have taken the easy way out. Instead he chose to perservere and now his giving back to kids and his community by working with the Salvation Army. For all of this and more listen to Focus this Sunday, and if you would like more information on these organizations, please visit:  and