A Focus on Finances

In today's uncertain economic environment, it helps to be prepared.  Melissa Hammel, a Certified Financial Planner and Nationally Certified Counselor, joins us to talk about how to lay the groundwork for solid financial planning, and how to identify if you're in trouble. She’ll tell you how to take “baby steps” towards savings, and how changing your attitude about money is the first step towards managing it better.  For more, visit HammelFinancial.com, or for more on investments, visit Vanguard.com.  Dan Boone from the I.R.S. also talks about this year's changes are to the tax laws, and what deductions and credits you won't want to miss, including the Earned Income Tax Credit, how to spot scams such as email ID theft traps, and where to receive free tax preparation assistance.  To get tax forms, locate an I.R.S. office near you, or get more information on how to file, visit IRS.gov.