Expert Tips for the Best Yard Sale Ever!

If a yard sale or garage sale is in your immediate future, you can use tips from those who've honed it to a fine art, to make the most money ever, and schedule a pickup from a local charity so you don't take those unsold items back into your home or garage.

First, what's the ONE thing that you MUST have to make people stop at your sale?
Furniture! If you don’t have some, ask friends or neighbors if they have some they want to sell.

Advertise everywhere. Nearby businesses, email your friends, church bulletin board, craigslist, signs in advance of the sale.

GROUP items for discounts. Instead of 10 dollars each for small book cases, mark them 5 for 40 dollars. Grouping items can increase sales by 150%. Get those tips and more HERE

Other things you should do to be successful include:
PRICE everything. Masking tape or small adhesive stickers.
Don’t price according to what you paid… find a guide to pricing HERE

Or use google. Send a text to Google at 466453 with the item’s make and model and the words "price" and "used." The site will send you a text with a list of current prices so you can mark accordingly. There are ‘going rates’ for garage sale items, and people who shop garage sales know them. Don’t waste your time marking kitchen utensils 50 cents each if the going price is a quarter. Run the sale no longer than one day. Instead of sitting there as the last picked-over items may, or may not, sell.

And schedule a pickup of your items, for exactly when you're ending the sale so you don't take that stuff back into your house, your garage or your life.  or Schedule a pickup at 1-800-SATruck.

Be considerate of your neighbors and next week's yard sale enthusiasts. Remove all signs, and return your sale site to normal. 

Now, enjoy your uncluttered home and the space in your garage or attic!