Do Something Nice, and Mix 92.9 Pays!

Since it's FREE, do something nice for someone!

If you had all the money in the world, what would you do? Who would you do something nice for? Everyone you know?
Yeah, me too!

But, you DON'T have tons of extra cash, do you?

That's why I want to remind you of some things that are available -- for FREE-- from Mix 92.9, that you just have to take thirty seconds or so to win for your friends!

There's "Flowers for Friends" a FREE, gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Joy's Flowers (that's where I buy flowers for MY friends), AND a free bouquet for YOU, as a bonus.

Now, if you're feeling especially generous, you could also give YOUR bouquet of flowers to someone else, and that's TWO FREE BOUQUETS of flowers, that YOU gave to friends.
Your pals, family members or co-workers will be thrilled, and they will not care that you didn't pay with cash!
They'll know that you love them and appreciate them enough to write a nice note about them, and win them something!
You might even save a copy of the nice things you say about them in your Flowers for Friends online entry, and send it to them. What an uplifting thing -- to know you're appreciated by those around you! 
Enter to win "Flowers for Friends" right HERE.

There's also a Limo Lunch (a lunchtime getaway for up to 5 people, transportation to and from your office to a nearby Applebee's, courtesy of Signature Limo, and the meal is hosted by members of the Mix Morning Show), Teacher Appreciation Prizes, and Lunch for your Office!
I know your budget may be tight, and you may not have much (or ANY) extra cash, that's why Mix 92.9 and our sponsors have teamed up to help you give, without hurting. 
You just have to care enough about someone to take a few seconds of your time, jot a note, and enter them to win. 

See what else there is to win for your friends, and for YOU, on our Mix 92.9 Contest Page.

We'd love you to listen (the page will tell you when the winners for each contest are announced) and hear whether you've won, but don't worry, whether you hear your name on the air or not, we'll call and notify all winners.

Do something nice for someone today.
You know your heart craves doing it. 
We'll help.

Anna Marie