Chewy & Strangely Tasteless

1. My daughter takes after me.

2. As proof, I offer the following true story.

3. We were at a friend's house hanging out with several other couples, and I was holding Princess J on my lap while I fed her a bottle.

4. Remember last week when I revealed the (potentially career-ending) fact that I had inadvertently snorted half-chewed sandwich up my nose when hit with an Insta-cough?

5. Princess J had an Insta-cough moment as she was drinking the bottle and ... wait for it ... all the proof you'll ever need that she is MINE ...

6. Shot two streams of formula right out of her nose.

7. I love that kid.

8. Starshine had an interesting moment of his own this week when Clint took the boys with him to an Asian grocery store in Nashville.

9. Among other things, Clint purchased a type of Chinese candy that is wrapped inside rice paper, boxed, and then sealed with plastic wrap. As they were driving home, Clint told the kids they could open their candy, and then informed them the treat was extra cool because the wrapper was edible too.

10. A minute later, Starshine asked from the backseat, "Dad, are you SURE this wrapper is edible? Because I'm having a really hard time chewing it."

11. Clint looked back to see Starshine dutifully chewing on the outside plastic wrapper that came around the box.

12. He takes after me too.

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