Bring on spring

Ah, the winter doldrums....colds, flu, snow, ice.  Yeah, not a winter person.  Looking forward to spring and hopefully lots of traveling to visit my babies scattered to all corners of the U.S.  My oldest is working in Chinle, AZ, translated, WHERE???  It is quite the isolated region.  One stoplight, and I can't figure out  why they even have that!  Google it sometime.  They do have an incredible canyon there, though.  Canyon De Chelly (De Shay).  If you want to sight see and don't want to go to the Grand Canyon, that's the place to go, and the natural beauty you will see all around the area in the high desert is breathtaking.  It's on the Navajo Indian Reservation, so expect to also see heartbreaking poverty.  A great time to go is summer.  Can you say LOW, LOW HUMIDITY?   It's Fabulous!!!  Bring lots of sunscreen!