Best Product Review, Ever

This reminds me how love and appreciation sweetens a life. In my opinion, it's the best product review, ever.

"An Edge for the Older Gardener," June 8, 2002

By "wbjy"

This review is for: Fiskars 9424 Garden Bucket Caddy (Lawn & Patio)

My wife has a green fist! Yes, I know the cliche is: "my wife has a green thumb." Every living plant, vine, bush or tree she touches in her garden or around the house grows, thrives, and reproduces. Indeed, even slips from someone else's garden bursts into life when she transplants it.

Our little garden out back is a riot of color and variety and only a year ago it was a dry plot of deep, impenetrable lifeless clay. Today people suck in their breath when they walk out the patio door into her "Eden" (my name for the space).

But my wife is about to turn 70. She is plagued with migraine headaches, vertigo and is having a long convalescence from a fall that broke many things. She is slower, more deliberate in pace. Stooping is a hazard and so is running back and forth for tools.

But out she goes each day to trim, water, admire and talk to her growing things. She needs an assistant or attendant who makes her chores less painful. The bucket caddy and a little army surplus stool fit the bill.

She sits on the little canvas stool and places the caddy next to her with all her favorite tools, plant foods and mysterious sprays. She waters from that position.

There is less pain in her day, less worry and so the luscious colored and growing things thrive and spread and even march up the outside walls of our house. For 50 years she nourished and nurtured the lives of young children in the class room, now she continues in her garden. People like my wife should have all the convenient and proper tools they need for their work for they are part of ongoing creation which benefits us all.

Her husband? Even a silk plant dies in his office! Thanks for creating a thoughtful helpmate with this product for my wife."

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anna: There were 22 comments below the post, all from people who said it had touched them, and thanking the gentleman who had written it. 

I haven't seen any more posts from this man since this one in 2002, so I don't know whether he is still living. I do know, even though I didn't see this till a couple of years ago, it made my day, and brought tears to my eyes. 

There's amazing power in our words: to heal and uplift, or to hurt and tear down.
Let's choose, like this fellow, to see the beauty in the small things, and to express our love for each other when we can. 

I send you my love, and I pray for my Mix and my Facebook Friends. Know that no matter what you're going through, there is someone praying for you, there's Someone listening to those prayers, and there's Someone who loves you and thinks you're precious, sitting there on your little stool, planting the seeds of your life.

Anna Marie