Back to Sch... (WHACK!)

It's Mid-July!

Shouln't we be seeing BACK TO SCHOOL sales yet? WIth all the hulabaloo about when schools should start, it's hard to know just when "Back to School" Season is! Didn't we just finish a school year?

What was your favorite part of going back to school when you were younger? For me it wasn't so much the new outfit for the first day back to school. (Though that was fun, too!)

It wasn't the haircut.

It wasn't the occassional new backpack.

It was the PENS.

Call me a freak. I know. But I just loved pens that wrote smoothly and didn't clump up. Do you know what I mean? To this day, I love a good pen! I remember when I got my first calligraphy pen. Ahhh! I loved the way it made everything I wrote so fancy!